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Fly Aiprt,
we debate the same issues, but from differing viewpoints.

Your disagreements about alerts, colour, etc, would have to be compared with existing certification requirements or changed via a time consuming alternative means of compliance.

Re … must not reason in terms of “we have always done it that way”
Yet, many of the 737 Max MCAS problems stem from alternative reasoning; attempting to mimic a modern protected flight control system in an old aircraft design.

Similarly applying modern training assumptions and technique to an aircraft which did not have sufficient similarity to precious versions.

Presenting AOA indication at a useful place is viewed as an improvement. If pilots disagree, they are free to not include it in their scan.”
I strongly disagree on both counts; the ‘ignore’ view promotes a cluttered display. Having to disregard an ‘irrelevant’ display feature is as mentally demanding as looking at and understanding an indication.
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