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Originally Posted by Fly Aiprt View Post
Wasn't aware of this version of the document - or had forgotten it - on Leeham News.
Even without clear units, control column forces seem no trifle, as expected with mistrim, hence the notion of fatigue.
Can't comment on that. I'm not familiar with the force required at any stage to correlate to.
And don't know his physical condition to say how long he could hold such force.
(I know today I could pull with 25 lbs of force a lot shorter time than I could 20 years ago)
The split between the yokes occurs when one pilots pulls (or push) harder than the other. Posted a drawing of the mechanism long ago.
F/O pull drop : with the aircraft finally doing a bunt, the acceleration goes negative and the pilots are thrown from their seats. If not very tightly restrained, keeping pulling on the yoke might be difficult.
Maybe, but I'd assume when the F/O was looking in the QRH he wasn't pulling, yet the 2 graphs follow closely.
When the captain started looking the F/O's force goes much higher than his side. That's the oddity.
Hoping the report sheds light on that too.

I am concerned that the focus on MCAS has overlooked other issues. Some is covered by EASA's requests, but they may be more.
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