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Originally Posted by Jamesair View Post
The sad demise of TCX leaves the airport with a loss of two based a/c operating 30 weekly flights planned for next summer. It will be interesting to see which operators move to fill the gaps. Jet 2 with a/c number 8, TUI with a 4th based a/c or EZY filling the gaps with its new package tour plans.
LS have already added a few additional flights before the end of the year. Looks like they’ve got some TFS double days now as well as some additional DLM’s in October.

I am sure someone will come along with the exact rotations.

I am not sure TUI could plug the gaps, it would all be depending on the MAX, and I doubt EZY would base anything else here and FR definitely wouldn’t. I think the best we could hope for would be another 1 or 2 LS based aircraft but, again, it’s dependent on what they can get but there’ll be a few leases on the market for Summer 20 now no doubt.
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