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Originally Posted by racedo View Post
Travelled thursday and needed to get a train to Luton at an ungodly hour.

Ended up meeting with 4 different Hungarians all in one journey.

One on the train when got on and got a Good Morning in an otherwise empty carriage, a colleague of hers got on next station. They work for Puccino's which is an on platform coffee shop / kiosk at many London stations. There view on Brexit is that a year ago they got handed 2-3 CVs a week from people seeking work on avrage, pretty much 100% of people not from UK. It was always busier in summer as foreign students coming to work for summer (1 CV a day in previous yrs), from June to Mid Sept this year they only had 2 CVs and when they called person they had already found something else. One was doing a 5am to 8pm shift as they have no staff. One returning home in Jan as her 4 yrs are up and she getting married, the other person said likely to go to Berlin as her sisters are there.
Can't help it, but this reminds me so of this fellas stories
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