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Originally Posted by A320baby View Post
Exactly what’s been said in previous posts! Panic attacks can happen for no reason! So give the person a break!
​​​​​​​Just for the sake of enhancing our knowledge, it is not true that panic attacks happen for no reason. They can well happen for no apparent reason but statistically speaking people that have been subject to anxiety/panic/depression disorders have found one or more potential root causes, which in the end is quite logical. There have been also multiple cases over the years of people experiencing those issues due to pure organic reasons, such as hormonal imbalance necessitating treatment. So there is basically always something going on behind the scenes in those cases and the most important point is to accurately target the issues and find a proper solution. By the way I am not a psychologist at all, just attended a course in order to be able to deliver a CAA functional sim check to anyone experiencing a medical suspension due to those and other reasons.
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