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The Nip, this is a good question.
Of course nobody can answer, but what is sure is,
- The Brexit wil cost the EU much, not only in money, but in trade, employment, some businesses will go under.
- The cost in money will be about the same for the UK.
- The cost in trade for the UK is unknown in the absence of established trade deals, but it is expected to take time to strike hundreds of proper deals to replace those presently in place with the EU and other countries.
- To date there seems to be no doubt EU expects to survive, if only thanks to its sheer size and trade deals.
- Everybody in the EU is accepting the Brexit decision, although many consider it unwise.

Personally I have the notion that the British somehow see themselves as the mainstay of the EU whereas the situation might be more nuanced.
Let's say that this side of the Channel, it's Britain's survival that is in question ;-)

Many people are apalled at the show your politicians are displaying, and are questioning your governement's abilities to credibly deal with other countries.
The general opinion is "they said they're going, let them go and come what may".
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