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Originally Posted by Bob Viking View Post
All you have to do is click search. As a point of principle I won’t do it for you.
Not exactly what I would qualifiy as a "reasoned debate and grown up discussion" (30th march 2019), but some of our British future ex-partners are sooo peculiar ;-)

Running back the time machine to Brexit prehistory, I finally stumbled on something :
" I voted leave because I detest multiple levels of government. Each level requires staff, buildings and associated costs. The EU parliament annual budget, just to exist, is roughly €1.5B."
" This is the root of the problem for me. If the EU had stayed as a strong trading block of wealthy nations I could see its benefit. The minute it expanded to let everyone in its decline became inevitable. "

Benefitting from the EU, then.
Europeans might smile : would the then sick man in Europe have been admitted ?

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