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Originally Posted by NutLoose View Post
But thats the thing, it does not offer the opportunity to leave minus a deal, its leave with or remain, some will have voted to leave without and they are not giving those the chance to vote on it at the election..
There will certainly be some who actually wanted to leave with no deal, however throughout the referendum campaign we were all told that we'd be able to leave in such away as to allow us take back control of our borders and laws, stop payments to the EU, and make our own trade deal - all whilst retaining the advantages of being inside the union. This was the cake and eat it scenario. We weren't sold all of the above, but no future trading or security arrangements which is what a no deal Brexit means.

If the government of the day decides that no deal is the best they can get, then the vote should be no deal vs. remain; if the government comes back with a deal then it is this, versus remain, that should form the question.

For what it's worth, even as a remainer, I believe the public would vote for a deal and leave. if it were no deal, then I think they'd vote for remain.
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