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Originally Posted by SLF3 View Post
It seems EASA are asking questions that Boeing and the FAA are going to struggle to answer.

EASA are asking Boeing to address aerodynamic stability with MCAS turned off. As I understand it, MCAS is only required because without it the Max does not meet the certification performance standard. So that will be an interesting conversation.
This is an existential question for the MAX. If regulators are not going to be satisfied with a mitigation through intervention of another system (owing to the possibility of failure of that system) then removal of the hazard through a change in aerodynamics would be needed. Had that been possible while retaining the economic benefits I would expect it to have been implemented, or at least mentioned by now. Perhaps I am naive though.

They have further asked Boeing to demonstrate the loads on the trim wheel are acceptable, which given that the stabiliser is larger, the trim wheel smaller, and sky goddesses more common, should also be an interesting conversation.
This is a threat to a much larger fleet as the trim wheel design and layout is shared with the NG.

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