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Originally Posted by SteinarN View Post
Anyway, what my calculations was suggesting is that without MCAS the stick force is not only increasing as it should, when going from say 10 to 14 degrees AOA, but that the stick force needs to be relaxed towards zero force and the stick position needs to be brought to near neutral position when going from say 10 to 14 degrees AOA.
Was that for the low, slow changes or the original conditions for MCAS?

The original situation was only 0.6 units of trim, not 2.4. And as far as I've seen it was still only 0.6 units in that situation.

The crashes were at lower speed/altitude that used the changed behavior. And it's never been clear that the low speed changes were certification requirements. The larger trim change was needed because the control surface had less effect in that situation.
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