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Originally Posted by ST Dog View Post
The repercussions of the certification authorities no longer abiding the reciprocal certification would be a big deal.

If EASA doesn't accept the FAA's certification do that make the reciprocity agreements null? So the FAA no longer accepts EASA certifications?
Not the sort of thing the OEMs want. Dealing with a dozen different authorities would severely delay things and greatly increase the costs.
No doubt this is a big deal, but it to be clear, it does not necessarily change or violate bilateral agreements regarding certification and validation. The validating authority needs to provide rationale to retain compliance authority and this is done regularly, though less frequently than before. I doubt anyone could reasonably fault EASA for retaining compliance authority this time, considering the fatal accidents and surprises it revealed to both EASA and FAA.

Costs? Time delays? Ask the families and victims how much that bothers them.

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