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Originally Posted by meet and greet View Post
Honestly, even if Boeing, the FAA, the airlines who own or have ordered the 737 Max, and everyone else gets this show back on the road, there is a much bigger problem.

Passengers! Those whom I have spoken to here at Dublin Airport who travel regularly and know the score, have without exception said there is no way they will fly on a Max. Those who are not fully aware, the occasional pax who fly once a year on holiday, will be heavily influenced by the media. The media in turn will report what they wish, regardless of the facts, and the news will not be good. The PR teams for Boeing, and indeed IAG, FR, AA etc etc must be having some sleepless nights.......
Do not believe that is a big issue.
Most passengers have little interest in the aircraft beyond the quality of the seats and of the service.
So once the MAX is returned to flight, I'd expect the issue to die down quickly. Of course, there had better not be yet another crash anytime soon thereafter...
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