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Listening to PM Johnson's address from Downing Street, I can't help but feel all the commentators are missing an "out" that is available to the PM even if the "rebel" bill passes Parliament; there is precedent for a UK monarch, on the advice of their ministers, to delay or refuse royal ascent to a bill. It hasn't been used since the 1700's, but in these strange times, anything is a potential route to the goal of the true brexiteers,

The option for a General Election, would still require two thirds of MP's to vote to dissovle parlement, how likely is that majority? If it did happen, how likely is a Tory majority? Could they get an overall majority or would they need the Brexit party to either stand aside or if not, at the very least replace the DUP in the chamber to support Brexit motions and other government business. If the DUP are jettisoned, do moderate brexiteers go back to the original Withdrawl Agreement, the one the DUP vetoed, that holds just Northern Ireland in the EU customs area and allows the rest of the UK to sail away?

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