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Originally Posted by Bob Viking View Post
This whole deal or no deal stuff has been dreamt up by opponents of Brexit to try to scare people into changing their minds.
thats revisionism at its finest.

No deal is better than a bad deal. That was Theresa Mayís red lines. The first time No Deal took any real traction was significantly after the referendum.

All the major proponents of brexit, Johnson, Farage, Gove etc said a variation that it would be the easiest deal in history.

If you're truly honest with yourself the referendum was decided by the floating voters on the day after listening to the mouth pieces of either leave or remain.

To say there is any mandate for no deal is defrauding britainís Democracy however tenuous democracy is these days.

It is is rather ironic that the United Kingdom is being run by an unelected beurocrat from number 10 these days.
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