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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
Would you have preferred that I described the mussels as French or German rather than how the Belgians marketed them?

I don't see the confusion.

Pontius, it is just surprising that the first though that came to your mind was the hotel fraudulously sold British mussels for Brittany or Baltic mussels.
Mussels from Brittany are mussels from Brittany, not from anyplace else in France (lots of other places). Mussels from the Baltic are from the Baltic, unless the hotel commit a very serious fraud, which would be detected by clients within hours.
What with "marketing" British wine for Burgundy or Bordeaux ? Who would you believe would fall for such trickery ?

Your mention of British origin when speaking of Brittany or Baltic mussels seems well, bizarre...
Not another trick from Perfidious Albion, I suppose^^?

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