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I have been involved in volunteering for the last 5 years. 2.5 as operations manager at a city centre food kitchen that had 260 volunteers, opened 6 days a week and served over 40,000 meals a year. Currently running a Food Bank in a market town that boasts a castle and a Duke!!
In the City Centre we served approx. 150 people per day, all adults over 18. I would say that no more than 10% fell into the 'dross' category. The remainder were from varied backgrounds. Lots of elderly who were alone and on the breadline. For them it was food and company. Mental health issues are rampant, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and often individuals had all 3. The reasons behind this are not at all clear cut and can come about from redundancy, disability, abuse....the list goes on. In the food bank we are dealing with children and nearly half our food goes to kids under 5 years old.
What is on the increase is the 'working poor'. Those who have all of these fantastic jobs our politicians go on about. 16 hours a week on minimum wage is a job apparently.
Irrespective of the why's and wherefores is that these are all human beings. Children are children and should not be ignored for the sins of their parents. Yes, I occasionally have to grit my teeth but far more often I have to contain my anger at the sheer injustice of so called society and the almost useless, and expensive, public services that are supposed to ease the burden. I have, even recently, had numerous meetings with local/county/national bodies that send 2, 3 or 4 people to nod and tut in the right places. All have fancy job titles, all in the public sector and 99% of them contribute nothing. If it was not for the voluntary sector we would be in an even worse state.
The gap between the have's and the have nots is now a chasm and it is a disgrace.
A bloody church burns down in Paris and the rich and the powerful offer untold wealth.
500m from the soup kitchen is a stadium where some blokes get millions of quid a year to kick a ball.
An individual who has become ill, been made redundant, has suffered some kind of mental trauma has to jump through hoops and suffer being labelled scum just to get a few quid and a bag of donated food.
Something is not right.
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