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Unfortunately the welfare system has turned some people who could and should be working into spongers when they see how easy it is to get something for nothing. One socialist government after another has bought votes by increasing benefits for the lower end which is paid for by increasing taxes on the middle class. The top end don't really pay much tax as they hide behind every loophole and charge fees or earn salaries which are padded to give them what they want after the tax comes off. Solicitors charge hundreds of pounds per hour in order to get their desired nett rate in hand after tax, effectively the clients pay the solicitors tax bill out of their own after tax take home.

Alcohol and drug abuse play a part, as does mental health. Children grow up in a single parent household or one in which three generations have never worked and because of this they have no expectation of ever finding a job. Today's jobs are increasingly skilled and specialised which pay well, or very low end which are taken by illegal immigrants or East Europeans who are happy to work for 5 pounds per hour. Good blue collar jobs where someone with low skills and education could still earn a decent wage are becoming increasingly hard to find. The shipyards have closed, the coal mines are no more and the factories have moved to the far east. With high unemployment in many areas, there is little incentive to work in school as you'll only end up on the dole anyway.

The military was a possible way out but some of the potential recruits are of such a poor standard that the armed forces would be better off without them. Physically unfit, of low intelligence, drug or alcohol abusers and incapable of getting out of bed ontime let alone adapting to military discipline. Useful only as cannon fodder.

As stated in an earlier post, some people are simply unemployable.
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