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Before the Referendum, we were informed that a remain vote was guaranteed because leaving the EU would be too difficult and the country would be ruined with immediate economic collapse the day after the result was declared.

The people voted to leave the EU and the economy has essentially flourished in the face of trade wars and recession elsewhere. Over three years of parliamentary debate have been devoted to how after 40 years it is too difficult to extricate the UK from the EU Gordian knot.

Finally we have a politician who acknowledges what the public have known all along, we can just walk away from the EU after all with no pre arranged deal. Of course the minority remain group are panicking, they might have to actually work for a living instead of relying on EU grants and subsidies.

As for The Queen having had a long and mostly peaceful reign? How short are peoples memories. She has reigned through several wars, been subject to several assassination attempts, awoken to an intruder in her bedroom, faced down demands to abdicate in the wake of the death of Princess Diana and many other threats to her monarchy. Brexit is just the merest ripple on the sea of troubles she has navigated throughout her reign.
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