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Originally Posted by Groundbased View Post
But my understanding is that The Queen has no option to advise in this matter. The advice comes from the PM, and only the PM, to the Monarch and the Monarch approves it. Whether the PMs advice was properly formed might be the subject of a legal challenge, I think we will have to wait and see on that.
I think that about sums up the position that HMQ finds herself. Had she told Johnson's possie that turned up at her front door yesterday to go sling their and their boss' collective hook we'd probably wind up with a bigger constitutional crisis than we're heading for at the moment.

What these most recent shenanigans illustrate is the need for a proper, modern, written constitution that can be policed by a constitutional court. Will we get one? I doubt it. Our politicians are happier with the system as it is, and the nation so backward looking and steeped tradition that they just wouldn't have it. It's not "British".
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