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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post

I needed a good laugh this morning.

After his recent statements he would have no choice but to press on with a no-deal exit, certainly he couldn't support the backstop.

Any attempt to pursue a further extension would lead to the question of why by the EU and, with a majority of only one, an immediate election where the Conservatives would be wiped out by the BXP.
Johnson changes his mind in a chameleon manner, nothing is beyond the lying kniving twerp. I don't believe you read what I said. The logic behind such a move is simply that whichever option the opposition chose they'd either secure Brexit, and satisfy all but the extremists, or enable a no deal Brexit that would be blamed fair and square on the opposition. Granted, he may get a larger majority without the thorn in his side that is Farage and his extremist Brexiteer party, but the majority in the country, I think remainers and leavers want Brexit sorted and the less damage that does for Boris Johnson's ego the better. A general election in the immediate aftermath of a no deal Brexit precipitated by the Conservatives could well result in a Labour government, even if in coalition with the SNP or LibDems. Neither have said they'll work with Corbyn, but a sniff of power and politicians change their minds pretty quickly.
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