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Originally Posted by BEagle View Post
I did rather like one recent passenger's opinion of flying with ba: "It's like Ryanair without the charm"....
A couple of years ago, I flew BA for the first time over to Frankfurt. Things didn't start off well when I arrived as all the baggage belts at T5 were not working that morning. So as instructed, I left my bags in the directed area along with everybody else and was told that they would not arrive with me.

Of course, this was not their fault but it was annoying. Then I got on their 767 and was hoping to have an on time departure as I had a timeline to meet. There was a delay as one of the pilots found an oil leak of some sort. We were told that while it was within limits, as a precaution a hose would be changed and then we departed about an hour late. OK...fine. These things happen and I appreciate the safety first, even if annoying, that the leak wasn't discovered by maintenance earlier.

After all this, I discovered that the food and drink was not free. I asked if due to all the delays and issues that I might get a free orange juice. Not allowed. OK fine. When a email arrived at some point later and asked about my experience, I said that I don't plan to fly BA anymore. Who knows, maybe I will. But if I were running the show, when a screw-up day like this happens, it might be an idea to give something minor in return.
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