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Cornish Jack
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" a transition in line with the electorates wishes !
Umm - how many of the electorate, exactly? Well we know that, don't we? ... 'cos it's been repeated ad nauseam! So let's hear it one more time - 17.4 million . Unfortunately, there were 40.8 million entitled to vote at the time and, even if you feel that the majority of the ELECTORATE can be ignored, it still leaves us in a situation where the wishes of LESS than 30% of the population are being foisted on the rest of us. While your hand wagging oaf of a 'leader' reverts to childhood by running to Mummy (HM) for support, when he can't get his own way, the MAJORITY of British citizens are being dragged into US vassalage because the witless prat lacks any logical justification.
By the way, how many electorates ... or are you a non-greengrocer?
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