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Michael, a lot of people felt the same, it was a great company to work for. It might comfort you a little - friends in the U.S.,
but also people who work ( worked ) for other European carriers, say that their airline is not the one for which they would
have " given their lives ". Four of my very good airline friends are still working for the national carrier, they are so fed up
that they will leave at the first opportunity ( early retirement ). One of the problems is the fact that fewer and fewer people
have started their carreer at the bottom, in the later years the " direct entries " took over, having no other knowledge, than
their Excel spreadsheets. After more than three decades of frontline work I fell in the hands of one of these torture masters,
a former Pan Am steward, who had made his way through the back doors. I finally was offered early retirement, I missed
my work, but it was a fair deal.
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