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Originally Posted by Fitter2 View Post
After Bercow's driving a coach and horses through Erskine May to conspire with the fanatical remainers, it's a bit rich to accuse Boris of political machinations.

John Major prorogued the HofC for a much longer period to try to conceal the cash for questions scandal, a much more sleazy manoeuvre.
Problem at the moment is it appears that our unwritten "constitution" actually consists of a selection of parts of dusty tomes (such as Erskine May) which our politicians seem to be able to dip in and out at well, depending on circumstances.....

"Mr Speaker, I thanks my honourable friend for his observation, in particular his reference to High Court Ruling of 1845 on but the matter by way of return I feel para 5 of the 1855 Act, Hackney Carriages and the disposal of Horse Ordure" might be more relevant, and sets the precedent... and I commend the motion to the House......

I know suggesting a modern written constitution sounds a bit colonial/continental, and is probably exactly the sort of thing Brexit is meant to prevent but maybe it's high time for Westminster to actually have a set of rules.......

Yes on second thoughts..I know, politicians, rules...
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