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Originally Posted by GLIDER 90 View Post
PrOOne & hIflymk3

Truth hurts, I don't for one minute suggest what you are suggesting but this sadly is the case now in this country 19 year olds rushing to have kids & then splitting up leaving the kids in turmoil with no fathers or worse useless step fathers. Back to my original post about food banks there are people out there who generally need help & food banks to survive.

But when you see obese women on tv with their obese kids going to the food banks then you have to ask yourself should they be there, maybe if they did not spend money on other treats then they would not need the food bank in the first place!!
You are so full of bile it is a wonder you can eat. Did some single mum cross in front on you with a pram.As others have said there but for the grace of god go many of us. Less teenagers having kids now than ever, less right to a council house and benefits checked.

We have pensioners dying because someone decided they not entitled to a benefit, disabled people told you can go to work so we stopping the benefit when clearly it is not the case.

Knowing people across many areas of the food industry I have known ZERO who has turned down a request to meet with a food bank, hell they take the excess production that a supermarket didn't want vs shoving it into a compactor for destruction.

One company has a production manager who screwed up packaging one shift every year 5 weeks before Christmas, product would have to be broken up and repackaged at some cost as some incorrect labelling on cartons or clingfilm packaging etc or go to a food bank. After yr 3 they asked why, "a food bank kept his family going after his dad was killed in an accident" was his answer, he ensuring they have food to help people. HR put him on a disciplinary to dismiss, CEO removed him from it and decided one day a year they will produce for food banks.

Save me from the santimonious crap that someone using Food Banks is doing it for free food, for many it is a choice between kids eating and starving. Get off your judegemental soap box.
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