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Originally Posted by HillaryCinar View Post
Thank you for the reply!

Thank you for the tip on Pannonair, I see they include a copy of their ATO certificate on their website, that is helpful. I am hitting barriers trying to learn which schools in Hungary are current EASA ATOs, and in collecting other details.

May I ask, where did you earn your other ratings up to this time? I am starting at 0 PPL.

What is your plan now with time building? I assume you are moving toward airlines; will you try to hire with an airline as a low time 2nd officer/cadet, or do you have another path in mind?

Thank you for your time. I am from an aviation family in the US and things are a bit different there than in EU.
Yeap. There are lots of differences between Europe and United States in terms of pilot training and getting a job.

He/She is probably doing his/her PIC (Time Building) flights in there.

After received PPL, approx. 90 hours time building on single engine aircraft is necessary in order to take CPL.

As a matter of fact many airlines based in Europe do not care hours doing on single engine aircraft. So many graduates apply to low cost airlines like Ryanair, Wizzair etc.

Apart from United States, ATPL (1500 hours) is not necessary for finding a job in Europe. CPL (200 hours) is okay for low cost firms.

I know that many new graduates work as FI for building hours in order to find a job in airlines. But students in Europe do not choose this method. They found that working as instructor is tough. Because they like jumping to right seat on B737/A320 after graduation.
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