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Originally Posted by Jerbourg View Post
...... as we know he's not in the best of health so it would seem to me he's getting his affairs sorted. .......
Sorry to hear that DC may not be well. Followed BI from a distance over the years and, while DC was clearly in business to make money if he could, it strikes me he also had a genuine commitment to the Islands and stuck with the tourist side of things as well. Now, being PPRuNe, Im sure many will have their views on the good and the bad of his business interests (the airline and hotels specifically cant comment on the other business interests he had) but, from where I sit, its quite something his level commitment. Stayed at the Braye Beach a while back a fabulous place with staff and a view to match! If the above Posts are true, I really hope things turn out OK for all involved in all DCs ventures, as well as for DC himself and his family.

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