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Originally Posted by Icarus2001 View Post
Your statement completely ignores the fact that if a pilot is pulling back (is there any other way to pull) on the control column and they find that it is getting heavier, then they would naturally and instinctively use rear trim (nose up) using the electric trim switch on the column, which would then inhibit MCAS operation.
A basic tenet of aviation, is you are not supposed to (allowed to) use the trimmer as a primary flight control. It is only there to remove stick loads, after a manoeuvre has been completed. You can get yourself in a right Branston if you fly the trimmer, which is why most people would delay the use of trim.

The 737 speed-trim has undermined that basic tenet, because it is always placing the aircraft out of trim, but still there should be a considered delay before using the trimmer.

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