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Really? Please enlighten us with your sources.

I'll start with mine: myself. Begin with your ridiculous racist jab of poor non-german students; 6/8 students in my MCC were German, most instructors, are German. So they aren't tricking anyone. In fact they have a excellent reputation among German students.

The building itself is Lufthansa training center. Sky uses the simulator as does another provider. I don't know what construction they would even be able to do there as several companies use Lufthansa simulators. Aerologic, DHL, Lufthansa and countless others worldwide, there were some guys at the same hotel from Southeast Asia doing CRJ renewals. So Sky has absolutely nothing to do with any construction. The building which houses their 737 FBS has another 4 FTD.

I don't know what you get from this ridiculous smear campaign. You obviously are a sad individual. If anyone wants proper review just DM me. I'm not affiliated with anyone. Just someone who passed my MCC, passed my assessment, and waiting for my Type-rating.

BTW for the curious just look at the accounts running the negative spam. Dates they joined and writing style. Not even a coordinated effort, just one lonely individual.
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