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Fascinating stuff. Just one question. Did we not have our own 'Special weapons' by the early 70's (was thinking Red Beard/ WE177 that would probably pair with a Phantom). Didn't the Buccaneer carry Red Beard prior to WE177 in the nuclear strike role in the 70's/80's?

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I think that the F4 in the ground attack and strike ( nuclear) role was only ever “interim” awaiting the arrival of the Jaguar +WE177 after which the F4 s all went air defence. That being the case it would not have been worth the considerable effort of integrating WE177 and the US kindly provided their weapons under, I presume, the same dual key procedures as the Canberras which preceded the F4s.
PS Would the US allow a Non US controlled nuclear weapon on a US built aircraft?

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