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Pontius Navigator: you posted
The quote above seems contradictory. Can you explain it?
You are referring to what I posted:
. . . the RoI has been a net contributor to the EU budget for a few years now. It is a net beneficiary from the SIngle Market and the Customs Union,

What I meant was that in straightforward EU budgetary terms, Ireland is now a net contributor (payments to EU budget exceed receipts). The benefits from the Single Market and Customs Union are quite distinct from this: greater trade opportunities have brought gains form new export markets, gains to consumers and producers from lower trading costs, and arguably dynamic gains over time as enhanced productivity growth has lead to a rise in real incomes.

It is worth noting that since the SM and CU have become more effective, Ireland's Income per head has converged on Western European levels. Ireland's GDP per head is much greater than "normal", due to the distortion arising from multinational firms' operation, which has been a nightmare for our Central Statistics Office, who have devised a new measure GNI* to strip out these distortions. (Please don't ask for the boring details!)
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