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EASA Courses and Brexit


New member here. Apologies if I've missed a big thread on the following, but I can't find a whole amount of information on here.

I have reserved a place for next year at a medium size training school in the west of England, ATPL/CPL/ME/IR course. I recently enquired with the school about their plans to offer EASA courses should the UK leave EASA, and they were quite clear in saying that should that happen, they shall quite happily offer UK CAA courses instead.

I know nobody knows what is going to happen, but this has made me quite cautious - I am under the impression that an EASA licence would be a lot more worthy in that scenario than a UK licence. This has lead me to looking into schools abroad - Bartolini - where I can guarantee the continuation of EASA courses long term.

I guess the first question I have is whether others advise that my logic here is correct, and heading to a large European school is more 'sure fire' to gain an EASA licence over the next 12-18 months. Secondly, I hold a PPL and Class 1 obtained within the UK. If I was to go down this route and train within Europe, would I have to undergo any conversions to maintain the currency of my licences within Europe.
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