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Originally Posted by SWBKCB View Post

When did the AMS switch to EMB's, and what's the seating difference to the Fk.70?
Yes, my calculations were on 180 seats - brain fade today.

The Embraer change in late October 2017 put a lot of extra capacity on the AMS route. A Fokker 70 had 70 seats but there was a "middle seat vacant" policy which meant that KLM would normally only sell around 64 seats (this varied but 3 rows of business would be typical). An E175 has 88 seats which means over 25% more capacity than before.

To put recent traffic into context, June 2019 (E175) was 34% up on June 2017 (F70). Also 10,988 pax in June (and assuming 3 daily weekday, 2 daily weekends) is an average of 69 pax per flight so we are a bit away from getting a 4th daily flight or a move up to an E190..

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