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Great video thanks , wish we had had cameras like that in those days.
my personal favourite was Fane just next door. Flew Bn2A Partenavia and Nomad into all those places.
I had the great fortune to spend 10 days based at Fane in ‘74 with the Swiss priests - they carried everything in from Woitapi on donkeys and built that fabulous chalet. I brought a B206 up from Cairns and used it to sling drills getting core samples around the hills searching for copper.

Boy did they live well - fabulous food grown by 2 Nuns and their acolytes — intercom from the house “bring up ze food”. 10 minutes later a procession would wind its way up the hill carrying fresh bread, platters of cold meat, veggies and cold pitchers of apricot wine.
at night time ditto with a roaring log fire. The only two things they couldn’t make were cheese and Ice cream.
The next year on FW with DD I brought them some of those treats each week and they would swap a large box of veggies - a real treat in POM particularly the lettuce and tomatoes. Delicious
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