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Readers help in identifying certain PNG airstrip

Had this request from a friend ex RAAF. Request opinion on identification of the strip in PNG.

Quote: "I have a description of an airfield that I'd like you to identify. I've heard about this place for years and I wonder if it actually exists or that its one that has been embellished over those years!

The airfield is in the New Guinea highlands; it can only be approached from one way; it is effectively between two mountains; to approach it requires flying through an S-curve; the airfield is on a steep slope; landing requires reaching the end and then turning at a right angle to prevent slipping back down the slope;

take off is by starting, turning to face back down the slope, sitting on the brakes to achieve maximum rpm and then rolling down the slope; the end of the airfield is a ravine plus a mountain on the opposite side; at the bottom of the ravine is the wreck of a PNGAF crashed Caribou. Is this for real or has this description been heavily embellished? I was told there are several highland strips like this. Can you identify it, please?" Unquote.
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