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Originally Posted by Dan G. View Post
I was not talking about the interview. I was trying to find out if during the 2+ years training they will help you and guide you, instead of letting you fail the exams. We all know that there are 2 different types of teachers, the type that is doing their best to fail you, and the one that always help you, and even if you are not that great, they give you a pass mark.

Hope that you understood what I was trying to say. Thanks!
I think they have no interest to help anybody during the assessment, instead their interest is to choose the best ones, they will see whoever's suitable for the job, whoever has enough interest to study, enthusiasm, next to teamwork and cooperation. I trust they are experts on their field. Considering the huge amount of candidates, they have where to choose from and they will choose the best ones and I don't see why would they help anybody?
however, during the training the trainers will do their best to help the cadets, there is when their interest kicks in as they made a huge investment in the cadets and they will be the "teachers" who help and only then.
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