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Originally Posted by megan View Post
Scream "Rotor RPM" to any helo jock and he's automatically going to think low RPM. The accident was symptomatic of the laissez-faire approach of the times, (Laissez faire leaders try to give the least possible guidance to subordinates, and try to achieve control through less obvious means. They believe that people excel when they are left alone to respond to their responsibilities and obligations in their own ways) eg sim training deemed not required, crew co-ordination not on the agenda. The pity is, senior management of the time still believe it was all the Captains fault, and still rail that they were forced by the court to re-employ him following his sacking. Nothing learnt in other words.
Yep , sim training started after that and CRM training as well, both changed a few peoples perceptions and outlooks and company slowly dragged into modern era.
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