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Add fuel to the flames

Ok, just to stoke the fire...

Bloodstream CO levels in the news has caught many here off-guard. Remember, the official post mortem cause of death is unchanged- blunt force trauma.

In light of the CO reading, why has nobody speculated that this may have been a controlled descent/ controlled ditching?

Crash landing in water makes blunt force tramua- fact.
Crash landing causes fire- fact.
Fire makes CO- fact.

Could this have been an attempted ditching gone wrong... or right...
Hard landing causes injuries & possible unconsciousness, meanwhile fire consumes aircraft and CO enters bloodstream. Guy in harness vanishes, but other guy sprawled out in the back is trapped and found in plane.

The aircraft was in far better condition than I'd speculated prior to it's discovery- I'd initially assumed spatial disorientation (given the pilot's qualifications etc) leading to an uncontrollable crash, but in most instances that would have resulted in a large debris field and the plane in 1,000 pieces.... The plane was in tact.

Underneath all the sensationalist stories there are the facts that they are based upon.

Tongue in cheek... and not to cause offence to those involved.... maybe Ibbo is now sailing the Carribean on the back of his own life insurance...

I heard there's cheap cruises out there during hurricane season... but what i wonder is... what kind of self-respecting seaman would willingly take on the role of Captain during a hurricane? I'll let that sink in
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