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It seems so long ago now that its hard to remember the referendum-a democratic vote of course but an unelected PM with no majority apparently is also democracy as is denying proper briefings to our head of state.

Still leaving things like that aside can any leavers explain why they want to leave beyond
1 Dislike of foreigners but not sure quite why.
2 Take back control, which we already had for the most part, certainly everything major, and are now surrendering that to the USA so we become not the 51st state but Puerto Rico II
3. We will get better trade terms-clearly we wont as we are no desperate and easy to take advantage of especially by our potential largest trading partner the AMERICA FIRST USA. And a condition that if we make the big tech companies pay a proper rate of tax there will be no trade deal
4 project fear Which turned out to be mostly true or coming true with a very weak pound and thus higher prices for everything , A minuscule amount of money to be added tot he NHS, about 5-6 weeks worth of the sum trumpeted at the type, destruction of the UK care industry almost all of which is foreign owned .
5 Assurances that getting a new and better deal with the EU would be the easiest negotiation in the world.
6 We have pissed off China big time so no favourable trade deal there, not that there ever was one,
7 We dont actually pay anything like the sums claimed as we get all kinds of rebates, reinvestment s and support for Export prompting activities
8 Farmers will lose their CAP subsidies and get crushed by US ag products with a huge cost advantage and help from testerone, growth hormones GM extensive drug treatments and some of the lowest food standards in the western world

There are many more but I cant actually remember why we wanted to leave other than bigotry , cowardice, ineptness, desire to retain wealth and privilege, desire to remain the worlds largest tax evasion and money laundering centre (the City plus the 'overseas territories) and a fear that a Eu which will always have a fairly moderate government because of consensus among 20 plus countries might make ultra right neo cons uncomfortable that they might lose control of the media and self serving tax policies.

And where the Eu parliament does impact us isnt a French schoolteacher, A German engineer, a Spanish health Service Director more likely to be in tune with what the average person in Uk would like compared to Rich Old Etonians or former City Banker
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