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Originally Posted by MOSTAFA View Post

. The democratic will of the UK was to leave, no if’s no buts, no left wing slants. The democratic will of the UK was to leave - along came another clown who decided that; well, I’ve got a better idea let’s try to push through a deal that means we can appease the democratic will of the referendum and leave but never really leave, I think it’s referred to as BRINO. Until somebody comes along and gets us out of this madness, people like you will continue to bump your gums about anything you can to cloud the issue of the referendum, so the sooner Boris drags us out the better and the majority from the referendum will be happy, me included.
That's interesting to learn, given your fervour for democracy, notably that this doesn't include any left wing involvement, but, as long as you are satisfied, that's all that matters and sod the national interest thereafter.

Unfortunately, inconvenient though this may be for you, democracy does involve political symbiosis and serendipity ( at times ) in contrast to your preferred totalitarian autocracy .

As you mention drag, and Boris, that's quite a good comparison really when you relate this to the theory of flight.....because as we know, once the transition point is reached, turbulence always follows. Other forms of drag comparisons available on request.
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