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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post
Lets get this correct "believe in democracy"?

Are you comfortable with the possibility of Mr Johnson proroguing parliament.;i.e. effectively removing Parliament from the debate - As reported in MSM of all shades, not just left wing?

What part o fYES donít you understand? And before you regurgitate more and more examples of what you understand as Democracy letís got back to the beginning - the then PM, decided to have a gamble to try and move his drinks cabinet closer to the EU. He made it very clear what that gamble involved, no ambiguity. The democratic will of the UK was to leave, no ifís no buts, no left wing slants. The democratic will of the UK was to leave - along came another clown who decided that; well, Iíve got a better idea letís try to push through a deal that means we can appease the democratic will of the referendum and leave but never really leave, I think itís referred to as BRINO. Until somebody comes along and gets us out of this madness, people like you will continue to bump your gums about anything you can to cloud the issue of the referendum, so the sooner Boris drags us out the better and the majority from the referendum will be happy, me included.
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