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EU workers in Britain at record high

A record number of EU citizens are working in Britain despite predictions that many would be deterred by Brexit. In the past year the number rose by almost 88,000, driven by a big increase in people coming from eastern Europe.........

Jonathan Portes, economics professor at King’s College London, said: “Although migration from the EU has fallen since the referendum, there is still no sign of a mass exodus of EU citizens from the UK. Meanwhile, the UK labour market continues to perform well despite the stagnant economy.”

Two years ago a study by the consultancy company Deloitte found that more than a third of foreign workers were considering leaving Britain within five years, including nearly half of highly skilled Europeans. However, the Office for National Statistics figures published yesterday showed that the number of EU-born workers rose to a record 2.38 million between April and June.

There was also a rise in the number of people born elsewhere in the world, from 3.24 million to 3.34 million. The employment rate for those born in the EU was 83.1 per cent and for those from elsewhere 69.3 per cent. Workers from Romania and Bulgaria had the highest employment rate, at 86.2 per cent. The employment rate for those born in Britain was 76.3 per cent.

Mark Hilton, of the pro-business campaign group London First, said: “Employment has increased in all cohorts: UK workers, EU workers and non-EU workers. This reflects a strong labour market: with unemployment at 3.9 per cent there aren’t enough UK workers with the right skills to do the jobs.” He added: “While there are still more EU workers coming than leaving, the flow is slowing.”

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