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It was perhaps only his sheer bloody-minded determination to overcome adversity which saw him through. Certainly an inspiration to many at a time when the nation needed it. Lesser men would probably never had survived.

Anyone can have their moments of grumpiness and I don't doubt that Sir DB didn't suffer fools gladly. But that This is your Life programme certainly puts things into perspective.

He flew G-APUB at White Waltham and I was there as a UAS APO one day when he was seen driving his car right through the Chipmunk line. One of our Fg Off QFIs exclaimed "Who the ***k is that!", before ringing the security guard to have the car stopped at the gate whilst he made his way over to tell him off. But when he got there, Bader was politeness itself and apologised unreservedly "Awfully sorry, old boy - bit of a balls up on my behalf. Won't do it again!" All the QFI could do was to mumble "Thank you, Sir" and throw up a salute.
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