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Originally Posted by meleagertoo View Post
How pathetic, how utterly, childishly pathetic the know-better revisionist big-head moral 'look-at-me" high-grounders exercising their keyboard 'rights' to rubbish a real national hero because he doesn't fit into their sanitised, nasty, vindictive, superior, 100% hindsight politically corrupt (correct?) system of self-righteous bigotry.

Ask yourselves, maggots, if you'd had the priviledgnlet alone the ability (God help the rest of us) to serve your country as well as he did if the burden had fallen on your craven, sloping, morally superior shoulders? And if you had so distinguished yourselves whether it would be appropriate for any johnny-come-lately to demean your achievements 70 years later becaue they thought your views out of fashion?

Disgraceful, shamefully spiteful holier-than-thou little minds.
Your comments Sir, are crass in the extreme and I suggest that you gve your head a good wobble.

There were far better commanders within the RAF during WW2, than Bader. People such as Johnson, Cheshre and Conningham, whilst tough demanding commanders did not have the arrogance that Bader displayed. Other pilots such as Shannon, McCarthy and the incomperable Micky Martin (later as CinC RAF Germany) where as good as him if not better.. Bader was the author of his own misfortune by disobeying flying orders when he crashed his aircraft. He was indeed fortunate to be allowed back ontoflying duties at the start of WW2 and that was nluy by the fortunate chance that AVM Hallahan was the president fo the medical board.

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