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Originally Posted by Curious Pax View Post
Jeez do some of you ever think about what you write? Trump - no, no, only knew him in the 90s, so couldn’t be implicated, but Clinton visited him 23 times. No, no, he had 20 contacts for Trump, and Trump praised him in 02..... Hang on, Robert Maxwell’s daughter appears to be in the mix, he was a Labour MP (hint hint), but wait, he was Jewish too......

Perhaps, God forbid, Epstein had contacts with the rich and powerful across the board. Whether it was a power trip, or to provide perverse sexual services, who knows, though hopefully the truth will out sooner rather than later. One thing is for certain, hanging your hat on it being all left wing, or all right wing, or all Trump-ite’s, or all Democrats is a good way of looking pretty stupid if it all does come out.

Whatever the true believers of any faction would wish you to think, illegal sexual practices cross all political boundaries, so trying to score political points is particularly obtuse.
Well, the only person to be openly critical of Epstein (apart for his accusers re sexual assault) was Donald Trump, the only person to ban him from a holiday resort for an alleged sexual assault on a minor was Donald Trump. During his electioneering, Donald Trump made quite a not os cryptic comment on Epstein referring to his island and possible trouble ahead. I can find no one else who has publically denounced Epstein. They were not friends, and given the property deal (Donald shafted Epstein on a deal), do you think that, do you think Donald would be so critical if Epstein had anything on him even if it dated back to the '90s.

If I were a shady character, and if I were running dubious parties on an island, you can bet I would have every room in my resort equipped with hidden cameras, you never know when favour may be required. On a side note, many years back I once met an audio-video engineering type who told me of a very well paid contract fitting cameras in a luxury yachts bedrooms owned by a wealthy gentleman from the Middle East

Now, those pesky flight logs, Donald hs never been to the island, but it's eye-opening reading who has, what happened on this island? There may be many perfectly innocent holidays, but some may not have been given the allegations. Was there a foreign power controlling Epstein, well it if that were the case it might explain why certain intelligent and quite rational politicians seemed to make irrational decisions concerning invading certain countries.

And back to the 90s when you had the money, you would eventually meet the great and the good re the social scene at the time. I hope we do learn who was involved, but it all seems a little less likely now.
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