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Such circles probably have their own set of rules and can be hard to grasp. But what I would find plausible: there is a need for discretionary partying among rich and powerful men. Maybe people like Epstein hang around there because they can arrange this for them. If he then makes sure there are a number of minors involved, he himself becomes powerful because even if a guest would never go for one of the real young girls, he still attended a pedo party. I am thinking if you are a rising star in the realms of serious money and power, invitations to such places are meant to make you calculable. Even if you are disgusted and see it was a mistake to go there, you are now compromised as they guy who was there when senator X snorted coke and royalty Y sat in the jacuzzi with a 12yo. You are potentially finished so you become part of the secret club. This category may be just as important as the clients who actually enjoy what is going on.

Someone mentioned intelligence, surely information like this will be of interest, they may not stage or initiate his endeavors, but surely register they are happening and try to be present. The Dutroux case even suggests they are in this so deep that more than 20 key figures in the trial, from witnesses to state prosecutor, wound up dead in professionally conducted (= evidence free) manner.

There has been speculation how Epstein actually got rich, as his performance as a banker didnít reflect such money, and his Wall Street Jobs ended in scandal and conflict. I would assume he was a fixer and broker for special interest parties and maybe drugs first (80s Wall St.!), ended up knowing way too much, and when they didnít know how to pay and control him they just set up a desk and a banker job for him to legalize all the money coming in. Somebody may have seen this as a problem later, and arranged for him to part with his employers.

Whats left is the question: if Epstein was disposable now, does it mean that kind of business has ended? Probably not. Who took over?

Anybody here had any affiliation to rich/powerful people or the Wall St. scene and could comment wether my reasonings are plausible? Or am I thinking like a plebes and things are really totally different from that.
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