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Originally Posted by SWBKCB View Post
Hmm - my experience is that this is unlikley to be a one-off. Maybe when yr stood in a hotel reception at 01.00 wondering why they don't know anything about you and the rest of the coach load of EZY pax, you might change your mind.
Third party ground staff 'prioritising other flights' and the 'third party HOTAC provider struggled' also paints a picture.
BTW, in my case, when we contacted the outsourced hotel supplier directly rather then having to go via EZY (at the hotels suggestion, based on their previous experience), they were excellent.
My experience is the opposite. Having worked in the industry for many years and having worked closely with EZY for some of that time, the vast majority of occasions passengers are well looked after. The speed in which it happens can often vary based on the organisation of those on the ground, it can sometimes take time to arrange nonetheless. Letís also not forget that an airline of EZYís size probably has at least one of these types of overnight delays/diversions and presumably they donít make the media because passengers are adequately taken care of.

Iíve spent time at other carriers including BA and all have had similar situations, particularly in stations that arenít frequented often or not on the network at all. One instance on my watch at BA made the papers. In that instance not one single customer got an hotel room.

I know all too well that third party providers are used right across the industry somewhere in the passenger journey, no matter who you fly with.
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