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Originally Posted by rotordisk View Post
I have been wondering about this topic..
Airlines often include a question in their application process, asking wether you were ever involved in an accident/incident.
I would imagine that given the chance between 2 equal applicants, with 1 of them having been involved in an incident, the other one would be preferred ?

As said above, what if the incident/accident was a result of a technical/external/ factor that in no way could have been avoided by the applicant's actions?

What If tomorrow I am involved in a serious incident, related to a technical failure, how could that bar me from joining certain airlines in the future?
Two applicants. Both same amount of hours on same type.
Applicant A: flew for reputable carrier, never had anything go wrong, flew in nice weather, had his planning handled by someone else.
Applicant B: Had to fight management pushing him to operate unsafely. Had two engines fail, but landed safely,

100% A will get hired before B.
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