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I could be wrong, it has been known albeit rarely ( modesty here please note,...............chaps ) but, there appears to be a certain antipathy towards the Guardian on here.

However, far more significantly, although there's been no public declaration, as yet, we await an announcement from the WHO as to the piety pandemic now rapidly emerging.

Boris, not yet elevated to Sainthood but for many clearly the shrines are already in place, has pledged some 20000 more police. The devil is in the detail here, because, carefully hidden in the recruitment are the infamous JB thought police.....we should have seen this coming really, with the increase in spelin an grammur pedantry, but it took the catalyst of Boris for them to emerge fully.

Also of note, and lets face it, with JR-M's zeal for regression clearly evident, the Ministry of Information has been quietly resurrected. The Ministry will doubtless ensure any media coverage of Boris conforms to stringent criteria and doesn't dare print news that would be negative to Boris.

And so to your much revered Guardian article to start your day over brekky......caution, does contain a reference to Boris not actually answering a certain question, directly, hence the churlish media ( various outlets are available but lets face it, when even "The Times " which has long taken prominence in gracing the Mess ante room coffee tables can resort to such seditious printing, the moral standards of the UK are truly in a vortex of despair ) stating wot we peasants calls "the bleedin obvious "

You've doubtless got this poster in every room in your homes,......


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