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Originally Posted by aa777888 View Post
FFS Absolutely no US laws or regulations were broken. This is no different than skydiving. The helicopter and jumper were, judged by the video, a perfectly safe distance from other people when the jumper jumped or if the engine quit. Any investigation by the FAA, if they even bother to do anything at all, will be quick, pointless, and result in no action (unless they turn up some other nonsense like an expired medical, not enough flotation devices, etc.).

You can argue about the wisdom of this event, but you can also make the same argument about skydiving, scuba diving, motorcycle riding, a hundred other things or, <shudder> actually leaving the ground in an aircraft <the horror>.

What should be happening is that they should be getting a court order that requires these fearful haters to stay in their homes, pad every sharp corner in them with bubble wrap, and require them to crawl from room to room lest they accidentally trip and fall!


Oh, and super-expert rescue swimmer dude: every operation in life does not have to be done to military standards. Sport skydiving methods and standards are different. Sport SCUBA diving methods and standards are different. Piloting methods and standards are different. And if they make a regular thing out of civilian swimmer delivery, no doubt those methods and standards will be different, too.

The tour industry better start pushing back HARD in Hawaii or they are going to be out of an industry fast. The voters, primarily comprised of fearful haters, outnumber them by a huge margin. Better start taking out some advertising, generating news interviews, explaining realities and telling these people to get a life, or your business life is going to end.

Sorry, this sh*t just sets me off big time.
Agree with this on many points and perhaps add to the list(not necessarily in the US) the extreme sports skiers that want to jump out of a helicopter at the top of a mountain, risks there must be more considerable?

What might be more concerning thatís come out of this thread is Gordyís comment about the owners and operators of this Robbie. What might they plan for their next little adventure... a quick night trip to buzz their friends outside a nightclub, a trip to pick one of them up a few miles away in atrocious weather or maybe just take the Robbie up the mountain for a bit of extreme skiing!

I would be surprised if one of them isnít reading this thread. If so any comments?
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